WoW Mini Pets – Collecting WoW Mini Pets For Fun and Profit

First off let’s start by clearing up what a wow mini pet is. A mini pet is unlike a normal pet that a hunter might have as they are not made for combat. They also tend to be smaller as their name suggests and are also often quite rare. In fact, they pretty much serve hardly any purpose except for entertainment, but, it’s a game so that’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

People in wow collect mini pets for similar reasons to why people collect stamps or other memorabilia outside of the game – because it can be good fun and frighteningly addictive. Generally the aim is to get as many as possible, but, some of the rarer types are clearly more prized than others and therefore go for quite a high price on the auction house.

If you are a collector the high price of wow mini pets might put you off, but, as a seller it can be pretty lucrative. If you can consistently find a way of getting that pet and then selling it then it is a sure-fire way of making some pretty decent cash. Also, if you collect them then don’t forget to sell your duplicates as they often have a higher value than you would expect.

One of the best ways of getting mini pets is by finding out where they drop and grinding the mobs there. This means you will also earn quite a bit of gold in the process as often the mobs which drop wow mini pets also drop other expensive items.

Collecting wow mini pets can be very expensive if you are not prepared to spend long hours grinding so be prepared for them to cost a premium on the auction house as they only drop a very small percentage of the time and tend to have quite high demand.