The My Pillow Pets Lamb Review

This Christmas season, and in some cases birthday season, children and parents are both going to want some unique gifts. Traditional stuffed animals are nice, but they feel outdated to many children and parents alike. That is why it is important for people to try some new and creative options, with some of the best being the My Pillow Pets Collection. One item that is very cute, and very popular, would be the My Pillow Pets Lamb. These nontraditional stuffed animals have become very popular among young children, and this has caused them to jump up on the popular toy lists.

The entire idea behind Pillow Pets is unique and while it seems simple it has worked tremendously well. Instead of having a stuffed animal that does nothing else, these products can turn into a pillow in a simple, but fun, process. All a young child has to do is Velcro the animal together to get a stuffed animal that stands on all fours. But as soon as that Velcro is undone, it will fall to the ground instantly forming a very comfortable pillow. I know it does not sound like the best concept in the world, but children love it, and children drive the toy market.

In the case of the My Pillow Pets Lamb, you are able to purchase an adorable stuffed animal. It is mostly white with a different colored face, but it also has fluffy ears and a small fluffy tail. The eyes are nice and black, while the face is smiling; giving kids a warm and comfortable feeling. The material it is made out of is a soft plush material, making it very soft, very cuddly, and almost giving it a life like fur appearance.

With this product you even get two great options, one of them being the My Pillow Pets Lamb 18″ version and the other one is the My Pillow Pets Lamb 11″ version. Both of these are nice items, and they both look identical. The only differences you are going to find is the size and the cost, meaning you are going to get the same high quality look, and the same great materials with both of them. Picking between what size will be right for your child, and how much money you want to spend, are going to be the key factors in choosing between the two of these items.

Parents normally pick the smaller version for younger children, and the bigger versions for slightly older children, but both versions are very good, and are going to make any child happy. If you want a gift kids are really going to enjoy, I would say this would have to be on top of the list.