Schleich – Top 10 Animals From Schleich’s World of Nature Collection

World of Nature is one of three product categories offered by Schleich, a German company celebrating its 75th year. This world is divided into two sub-categories. The first is the Farm Collection, which has a wide variety of domestic farm animals, buildings, vehicles, equestrian accessories, plants and trees. The second sub-category is the Wildlife Collection. This collection includes a wide variety of animals from across the world including ocean animals, African animals, Australian animals, Arctic animals, vehicles, buildings and more.

The following is a list of customers’ top 10 Schleich animals:

Mini Billy Goat: The billy goat is part of Schleich’s Animal Collection. The little male goat looks just like its larger counterpart. The term “billy goat” derives from the 1800’s, where “billy” means male. The hand-painted features of this figurine makes it look like the real thing! Great addition to your Schleich animal collection

Standing Sheep: The standing sheep figurine is part of Schleich’s Animal Collection. It has a dark coat with a curious look on its face. Sheep are very popular because they represent livestock and agriculture. There are many breeds and a variety of different colors. Sheep are known mostly to be domesticated and raised in flocks on farms. Herders raise these animals for their wool fur which is used for clothing. This life-like farm animal will complete any Schleich farm.

Dwarf Lop: The Dwarf Lop figurine is part of the Schleich Pet Collection. It is a replica of a very popular bunny breed in the United States. This breed of rabbit was not discovered until 1972 in Germany. The original dwarf lops were a cross-breed between a big lop bunny and a chinchilla. Every child will fall in love with this cute rabbit figurine.

Gnu: This Schleich figure is part of the Schleich Wildlife Collection. The figure is a replica of a wild Wildebeest native to the woodlands of Africa. Gnus have large deer-like bodies with a large head with two small antlers and a beard. They group in herds to intimidate predators and are a cousin to the goat, antelope, and cattle.

Cheetah Cub: This figure is part of the Schleich Wild Life collection. The little cub is a customer favorite because of its detailed representative marks. These marks are similar to the real Cheetah that is native to Southwestern Africa. Cheetahs are known for their speed, some can reach speeds up to 75 mph.

White Mouse: The white mouse figure is part of the Schleich’s Pet Collection. Its a favorite among customers due to its delicate shape and detailed features. Mice are popular as pets due to their small size and can be easily maintained, that is probably why this figurine is very popular among customers.

Black/Brown Rabbit: This cute bunny is part of Schleich’s Pet Collection. Its well-designed features makes this animal almost identical to its larger counterpart. There is many different breeds and colors of rabbits. They are native to North American and some parts of Europe. Many breeds of rabbit have been domesticated as pets.

American Bison: This figure is part of Schleich’s Wildlife Collection. It represents the large animal that is native to the Midwest North America. The American Bison is commonly called the “American buffalo” because of its similarities with the Asian Water Buffalo and African Buffalo.

Standing Lamb: The lamb figure is part of Schleich’s Animal Collection. The lamb is a young sheep and can be commonly found on most farms across the continents. Its cute features and curious look will make it a great addition to any Schleich collection.

Ostrich: This figure is part of Schleich’s Wild Life Collection. It represents one of the largest birds in the world. The ostrich is flightless and relies on its running speed to avoid predators. This animal has also been domesticated around the world for agricultural purposes. The ostrich will be a great asset to any Schleich collection.