My Pillow Pets Whale Options

If you are looking for fun options when it comes to stuffed animals, one of the best places to look would be in the My Pillow Pet collection. These items are unique because they are both a stuffed animal and pillow in one. You can easily switch back and forth between those two things by undoing or attaching Velcro together. One of the fun options from this company would be the My Pillow Pets Whale. Here is a list of what you should expect to get if you decide to purchase this item as a gift.

While most of the My Pillow Pets including the My Pillow Pets Unicorn come in many different options, you are not going to have many choices with Splashy Whale. You are only going to have one option which is the My Pillow Pets Whale 18″ item. Most pets do come with a smaller 11″ version, but that is not available with this item. This is the full sized version, which is normally the most popular since children love big stuffed animals. And think of it this way, whales are huge animals, so you might as well have the big option.

All though there is a limited selection, you are really going to like the way it looks. The body is a mostly black body with white spots in certain areas. You are also going to have a great looking tail and some fins, and a big smiling face. Children absolutely love the way it looks, and they are going to be very happy to receive this item as a gift.

If you are in doubt about these products because of the lack of selection, I would encourage you to look at some of the different animals available from this company. You are going to have the traditional bears and dogs, but also great items like the My Pillow Pets Magical Unicorn. They all have the ability to be pillows and stuffed animals, which kids really enjoy. They are also some great looking items, so I would keep your options open.

Even with the lack of selection these Splashy Whale pets are a great buy because they do look so good, because they are durable, because the cost is reasonable, and most importantly because kids love them. So if you are looking for the perfect gift idea, I would strongly consider this item as the way to go. Other stuffed animals are nice, but they do not have the unique qualities that make this particular brand so popular.