My Pillow Pets Valentine Dog: The Newest Member of the Pillow Pet Dog Collection

One of the best stuffed animals on the market today is the My Pillow Pets collection. This companies variety of dogs would have to be one of the more popular groups of items, with the newest member being the My Pillow Pets Valentine Dog. It goes very well with the other members of this collection, which include a dalmatian puppy, a brown puppy, and patriotic pup, which is a red, white, and blue dog that is rare, but very popular.

Valentine Dog has many similarities to the other members of this collection, which includes being made out of the same materials, which is a soft plush material. It also has the important feature that they are named after, they have the ability to become both a pillow and a stuffed animal. There is a Velcro strap on the bottom that when connected makes it a stuffed animal. When that strap is undone it becomes a very comfortable pillow.

The look of this item is great as well. It has a great red color that people should really enjoy. The paws are going to be white, and it also has a white nose. It has big red floppy ears with white plush materials underneath. The big selling point has to be its nose which is in the shape of a heart. Under the ears there are also a lot of smaller hearts that look excellent as well.

For people who are looking for a unique gift idea, or for people who are collecting My Pillow Pets, this will be a fantastic addition. It is just a fun item to have around, and is perfect for children of all ages. This might be the first item in this collection that is aimed for a gift idea around Valentines day, especially for young adults and older children.