My Pillow Pets Tardy Turtle Review

One of the newest and very fun stuffed animals on the market today would be the My Pillow Pets collection. With great items like the My Pillow Pets Tardy Turtle, you can see why so many people have been enjoying these items. They are a great collection of stuffed animals that have the ability to become pillows, making them extremely popular with children. Parents love them as well for gifts, and because they have many qualities that parents look for when purchasing toys.

There are a lot of good reasons to pick this product for a gift, but the best reason is probably because of the way it looks. They have a dark green shell area that really stands out. The head and feet are a lighter colored green, and the under body of the turtle including the neck area is an even lighter greenish color. All of these areas are made out of a soft plush material making it a perfect looking gift that is soft and cuddly. There are a couple of different size options you can pick from, making it easy to find the perfect item for younger children and older children as well.

Besides the great look of the My Pillow Pets Turtle, many parents enjoy the special qualities that make this item not just another stuffed animal. One of the best things is that this item is very durable, and is not something that is going to have to be replaced as soon as you buy it. We also all know just how dirty stuffed animals, especially the favorite one, of children can get. So it is very nice that this item is machine washable as long as you use a gentle cycle. When you combine those factors with the great options and great prices you have, as well as the great look of My Pillow Pets Turtle, you can see how it has become so popular.

These are the perfect Christmas or birthday gifts, the only thing you should remember is that these toys are recommend for children ages three and up. Kids are going to love how they can be both a stuffed animal and a pillow. Parents are going to love them because of all of the great qualities listed above. When you combine those two factors, you are going to have something that kids love and parents love, making it the perfect gift option during any holiday season or special occasion.