My Pillow Pets Fluffy Bunny Review

There are some great options when picking from the My Pillow Pet Bunny Collection, with one of those being the My Pillow Pets Fluffy Bunny, also known as the My Pillow Pets Purple Bunny. This item can make a great addition to any kid’s stuffed animal collection, and its dual usages make it a really fun item to own. For people trying to think of that perfect birthday or Christmas present for children ages three and up, looking at the My Pillow Pet collection just might be the perfect thing to do to find that right gift.

You are going to have two fantastic options when you are choosing which My Pillow Pets Purple Bunny you want. The first one is the My Pillow Pets Purple Bunny 18″ version. The other popular option is the My Pillow Pets Purple Bunny 11″ version. Both of these options are nearly identical, except for the sizes. The 18 inch version is bigger, and slightly older children love it because of its size and fluffiness. The smaller 11 inch version is for younger kids that might have some troubles holding on to the bigger version. The smaller version is also very nice for traveling in a car, where space can be limited.

When I said these two items are identical except for size, what I was referring to was color, shape, and materials. They are both going to be purple bodies, with white smiling faces, a pink nose, and long purple ears. Underneath those ears is a colorful cloth material that adds some fun multicolored elements to the item. With the look being identical, the only tough decision you are going to have to make is on which size you feel would be best for the child you are purchasing it for.

I think it is also important to say that Fluffy Bunny is the perfect name for this toy, or pillow depending on how you are using it at the time. The material it is made out of is extremely soft, making it the perfect item for kids to cuddle with, and to use as a pillow. Best of all this material is a plush material that is very durable, meaning this is not a toy that needs to be replaced every year or two. They are going to last a long time, and when kids get them dirty, which we all know is going to happen, they are machine washable, making the burden you have to go through when cleaning them very minimal. All of these factors are what is making these items so popular.