Fun Information About My Pillow Pets Valentine Cat

One of the most common gift ideas for Valentine’s Day has to be stuffed animals. This makes sense as a great gift idea because they do last a lot longer then some chocolates or some flowers would. My Pillow Pets has entered the Valentine’s Day stuffed animal market with the production of My Pillow Pets Valentine Cat. This adorable item fits in very well with the other items this company makes, and will be a fantastic gift idea or addition to your own Pillow Pet collection.

The My Pillow Pet Valentine Cat is mostly red, with the other color on it being white. The white is mostly on the bottom of the animal, as well as on the face, and the tail. It does have a smiling face and a big red nose as well. The rest of the body is red, and there are small red hearts all over the white belly of the stuffed animal. Like all of the other animals in this collection it is made from the same soft plush materials and has the same ability to be a pillow or a stuffed animal.

The other nice characteristics about this item include its durability, and its ability to be washed. If your item gets a little dirty because your kids love playing with Valentine Cat, you can machine wash it on a gentle cycle as long you do not dry it. It is safe for kids and recommended for children ages three and up. All of these little things are nice to know and certainly add to the value.

This is certainly a nice addition to the Valentine’s day gift market. If you want something a little more traditional, but still great looking, this is a fantastic gift. If you want something completely different for your kids, but is still a fun toy, something like Purple-Sing-A-Ma-Jigs will be a great idea.