Different My Pillow Pets Lion Options

When you are picking from different types of stuffed animals, you like to have some options. The My Pillow Pets options can be limited, sometimes making very difficult to pick the perfect stuffed animal. Luckily with the My Pillow Pets Cowardly Lion, you are going to have more than one option, making easier to ensure you get the right stuffed animal for the youngster you wanted it for. Stuffed lions are a lot of fun, and Cowardly Lion did a nice job capturing those fun elements. Here is a list of your choices, and reasons why they have become so popular.

The first option you are going to have with this toy is picking the biggest size, which would be the My Pillow Pets Lion 18″ item. This great stuffed animal is big, but very cuddly and soft. Children love having toys that are big and size, and this one certainly fits that bill. The other option you are going to have is smaller, but also a great looking product. That would be the My Pillow Pets Lion 11″ item. This item is very popular with children who are around the age of three because it can be carried much easier, and is easier for them to play with. The smaller item also makes a very good travel companion, easily fitting into your car and kid’s lap.

Besides the difference in size, the only other difference between these two items would be the cost. The smaller one is going to be a little bit cheaper, which can be a deciding factor when picking between the two. As for the look of both of them, they are the same brown color with the same colored mane, and they both have that smiling face that children really enjoy. They are also both made from the same plush material, which creates a very soft stuffed animal that looks great. Kids will like either option because they look so great, so use your own judgment on which one would be a better fit for your child.

These products are a great looking item that many people enjoy. However, some children might not like lions, or some people might just want something different. That is okay, because there are a wide variety of different animals that this company makes. For example, you can even find something like the My Pillow Pets Monkey, which has all the great characteristics other pets do, it is just a different animal. So if you are looking for that perfect gift, do not be afraid to keep on looking at what is available in the My Pillow Pets collection.