Different My Pillow Pets Lamb Options

There are a lot of great reasons to pick from the My Pillow Pets collection. The unique ability for these products to become a pillow or a stuffed animal has become very popular among children. One of the more popular pets would be the My Pillow Pets Lamb. It is a very neat item that does a very good job showcasing the look you would want from a stuffed lamb, but also adding some unique ideas and features that you do not get with traditional stuffed animals. This company’s ability to do that has led to some great success selling these products.

As for the different options you get when picking the My Pillow Pets Lamb, you are going to get two different choices. The first choice, and most popular choice, would have to be the My Pillow Pets Lamb 18″ version. This would be considered their biggest option, since this is the largest size they make stuffed animals in. The reason it would be the most popular has to do with the size as well, because for a great price you are able to purchase a great looking, and large, stuffed animal. We all know how kids enjoy having a big toy, and this fits that bill.

The second option is the smaller version. That would be called the My Pillow Pets Lamb 11″ version. This is going to be identical to the bigger eighteen inch version, but the only differences are the size and the cost. It is a little cheaper, so some parents tend to go with it, and some smaller children enjoy having this version because it is easier to carry around and play with. Both versions are very popular, and you are going to make a child happy no matter which one you pick.

If you have not seen a picture of the Loveable Lamb toy yet, than here is a general description of it. It has four legs and a mostly white body. It has a pink face with fluffy ears and a smiling face. It also has a little tail, and basically looks exactly like you would want a stuffed lamb to look like. The material on both of these options is a soft plush material that kids love.

This is a great option for young children, especially if you are trying to give them a stuffed animal that looks great, but is not the same thing that we are also use to seeing. This product might make a great gift idea, and there are certainly plenty of great options and prices to pick from.