Different My Pillow Pets Friendly Frog Options

People like different choices when they are trying to pick the right stuffed animal, and not all of the classic stuffed animals give you that option. Luckily certain types of the My Pillow Pets collection, including the My Pillow Pets Friendly Frog, have a number of different selections to choose from. Besides having a great selection, these products also have a unique ability to be both a pillow and a stuffed animal. That makes these products very popular, very flexible, and you can see this by the way they are shooting up the top toy lists.

As for the Friendly Frog itself, you are going to have two main choices that most people really enjoy. The first is the My Pillow Pets Frog 18″ toy. This item is the biggest option for stuffed animals, and it really looks and feels great. It is made out of a plush material, has a green body, a lighter green face, and a huge smile. Children really love this toy because it looks so great, and because as we all know, kids love having big stuffed animals to hold on to.

The second very popular item would be the My Pillow Pets Frog 11″ pet. This version is almost identical to the bigger 18 inch version, except for the fact that it is smaller and is going to cost a little less. The look and materials used are going to be the same as the bigger version. Many smaller children like this version better because it is easier for them to hold and carry around, making them a little bit happier. Sometimes the really big toy can be harder for them to handle.

There are also two very fun options with the My Pillow Pets Frog that are not common with other pets. This would be the My Pillow Pets Frog blanket, which matches perfectly with the pillow. This item looks great and has the same color scheme as the regular pet does. It is also made from a very comfortable and soft plush material, making it a lot of fun to lie down on.

The other fun item is the My Pillow Pets Frog Backpack, which is really popular among children that are going to preschool and want to have a creative and different backpack. It is also very popular as a travel bag because it is a fun way for kids to carry all of their toys or cloths with them. This great item has a soft and cuddly frog as the back of the backpack, and just looks excellent.

All four of these items are very popular and make great gift ideas for children. These products are recommend for children ages three and up, but besides that, children are going to love receiving this products on special occasions, including for a birthday gift, and for a Christmas gift. If you are looking for a unique gift idea, this might be the perfect item.